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Alfonso Cartes

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Overview City Guides (v1)

Overview City Guides is an app made with Swift and SwiftUI for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Overview Self Guided Walking Tours is a travel guide app to learn all about a city in a brief overview of the most important sites without paying for expensive group tours.

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Why a travel guide app?

After travelling all around Europe, I had to make my own travel guides that had three things in common:

  • Simplicity.
  • Walking tour.
  • Just a brief description of the main sights.

Most of the apps and travel guides are really extensive and tell you about things that you might not be interested in or might not even remember after a day. There are also a lot of different places without any order, especially for a walking itinerary.

My idea is to have a map with the main attractions laid out in the most efficient and beautiful order possible with a brief description of each place and a link to more information if the user wants to expand the knowledge of a particular place.

Learning about the most important historical and architectural facts of each site.

Why SwiftUI?

The main reason for using SwiftUI was because it was a new technology just launched by Apple and I was fascinated and wanted to try it.

It didn't disappoint, even though SwiftUI was in the early stages of development, the reactive way of programming and the ease of use of the UI code structure made it really attractive for me.

Interesting features:

  • MapView (UIKit view wrapped in a SwiftUI view with a controller).
  • Location services.
  • JSON parsing and data handling.
  • Text to speech.
  • Dynamic font size.
  • iPad Support.


The app currently has the following cities:

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