Alfonso Cartes
Alfonso Cartes

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Remember The Car

SwiftUI test project. Take a look at the code on GitHub and save your car's parked position with a simple and fast iOS app. Save location, take a photo of where you parked and set a timer for a reminder.

I used SwiftUI when it was first launched as a test example app.


  • SwiftUI
  • MapKit
  • Camera
  • Photo Picker
  • Local Notifications
  • Local save and loading from User Defaults
  • remember-the-car-screenshot-1
  • remember-the-car-screenshot-2

Why another car parking app?

I wanted a fast and simple app just to save my car position when I parked.

Other features: a button to get walking directions, save a note and a photo to remember things like parking levels and location and a simple timer with a notification for when the parking has a timer.

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